Louise confides to Phil that she's finding it difficult with having Keanu around, so Phil decides to send him away on a job.

Sharon is afraid for Keanu's safety once again and tells him that she doesn't want him to leave, but she doesn't get the response she wanted.

Sharon encourages Louise to sort things out with Keanu. When they chat, Keanu tells Louise that he loves her and wanted their baby. As Louise and Keanu reunite, Sharon is shocked to receive a positive pregnancy test result of her own.

Meanwhile, Bailey struggles on her first birthday without Dinah, so Ted attempts to offer her some kind words. There's an emotional moment when Bailey reads the card that Dinah wrote before she passed.

Later in the week, Ben's latest scam puts him at odds with Jay and Lola, while Whitney asks Callum to join her for her interview as she's trying to get a stall on the market.

Also, Sonia urges Robbie to do the right thing and call Nita.