On Neighbours this week, Finn and Bea share a moment.

Now that Bea and Finn are back under the same roof they are spending even more time together and sparks begin to fly between them once again.

When they're out in the garden of Susan and Karl's, they share a charged moment and it looks like there could still be something between the former fiancés.

Elsewhere, Andrea tries to bargain for access to Hugo in exchange for helping to solve the mystery surrounding Dee, but Toadie isn't about to let that happen after everything that has gone down... But will she be stopped?

Meanwhile, now that she's back in Paul's good books, Roxy tries to get him to buy her boyfriend's racehorse, not knowing that it's actually stolen. Will Paul inadvertently buy Terese a stolen prized pony? That could be the least of his worries however when things between Terese and Vance heat up...

Also this week, Yashvi's crush on Ned is reawakened and Aaron worries about Mark.