This week on Emmerdale, while Kim is out riding her house on a country road, a car speeds past and causes the horse to bolt.

Kim is furming, but her fury turns to shock when she finds out that the driver is son Jamie's secret wife Andrea and young daughter Millie.

Meanwhile, Andrea is not pleased to learn Jamie has been living up at Home Farm with Kim.

Caught in the middle, Jamie is relieved and hopeful when Andrea agrees to stay the night in the village.

The next day, he tries to find her a job to stay long term, and Kim resolves not to lose Jamie to Andrea.

Elsewhere, the reality of Victoria's pregnancy hits Robert and Diane and Victoria begins to suffer from morning sickness.

And despite everything that's happened, Jacob vows to wait for Maya.

She secretly spies on Jacob from the shadows, waiting for a chance to talk to him, however she is spotted by Pollard.

He pretends he hasn't seen her and heads back to the B&B, but Pollard is in for a shock when Maya enters and terminates his call to the police.

Maya is caught when Pollard gives him the ultimatum of him calling the police or her telling Jacob she doesn't love him anymore. What will she do?