This week on Emmerdale, Paddy makes a blunder when he notices Chas is worried about their 20-week scan.

Paddy cancels it behind her back, but she is fuming when she realises what he's done. 

Cain encourages Chas to be honest with Paddy about her feelings. 

At the hospital, they go into their re-arranged scan, but are terrified about the health of their baby.

Their fears are unfounded as they are told their baby is perfectly healthy.

Elsewhere, Frank and Megan try to drum up business to pay for Megan's legal fees. She agrees to an event at Home Farm knowing she has to get Kim on side first.

Kim sends her packing and is happy to see her suffer.

Graham gives Megan a blank cheque but things get awkward when Frank arrives

Later in the Woolpack, Megan breaks down to Manpreet just as Kim arrives and tells her she should face the consequences of her actions in front of the whole pub.

Megan feels like everyone hates her, but is later stunned when a guilty Graham offers to pay her fees.

The next day, Megan and Frank agree to move in together again, but Megan doesn't tell him about Graham's offer.

Graham arrives to give her a blank cheque, but things get awkward when Frank arrives... Will Megan tell the truth?

And Harriet is in shock when Dawn returns and tells her she needs her and doesn't want to lose her. Will Harriet let Dawn back in her life?