On Neighbours this week, Finn's memories continue to come back to him.

As Finn struggles to hone in on his memory of Harry, and Elly helps him to piece things together. When they speak with Harry, he tells Finn that they first met when Finn was 18 years old, which is a relief to Finn and Elly because it means it happened before the 12-year period that has been wiped from his memory, which means there might not be another hearing for him.

Meanwhile, Mark continues to shut Elly out, and Susan steps in as her new birthing partner in his absence.

When Shaun arrives back in town, Elly is not happy that Finn would invite him back without first checking with her, but now that he's there, she knows she needs to work things out for the sake of the baby.

Bea softens towards Elly a bit and talks to Mark about trying to mend a bridge between them, with of course when he does decide to do it; he finds her talking to Shaun. This pushes him to his limit and he decides to bring her their annulment papers instead.

Elsewhere, Shane makes the decision to visit Andrea.

Also this week, Kyle is heartbroken by Amy's apology, the temperature rises between Terese and Vance, and Leo grows suspicious.