On Home and Away this week, Robbo finds out that Jasmine and Colby kissed.

Robbo and Jasmine look ready to clear the air, but Jasmine is anxious about having a conversation with him. When she spots Colby at Salt, she quickly makes an excuse to leave, but Robbo's suspicions are roused when he sees Colby take off after her.

When Robbo spots a photo of Colby and Jasmine kissing, he is shocked and goes around to Jasmine's house. Jasmine has a panic attack and Robbo gets Tori to check in on her. When Tori arrives, Jasmine opens up to her about the kiss and the stress she's feeling with Robbo back in the Bay.

Irene takes matters into her own hands and gives Robbo a piece of her mind.

Meanwhile, Willow finds it hard to turn off her feelings towards Dean and decides to give it another shot, but just as she's planning  to make her move, she sees Ziggy leaving his caravan, assuming she has spent the night.

This doesn't deter her however, and Dean is stunned when he arrives home later that day to find a nake Willow in his bed...

Also this week, Simone's office door is vandalised and Jett's mental health worries Marilyn and John further.