When Bex continues to hassle Kush, he is forced to tell Martin about her crush. Martin promises to sort it out. Soon afterwards, Bex crosses the line by using the key Kush gave her to let herself into his flat. When Kat interrupts, Bex is devastated to realise they're a couple and storms out. Back at home, she packs her bags and leaves.

Elsewhere, Dennis wants revenge against the Taylors after yesterday and his friends team up to throw water balloons at Chatham and Riley.

Meanwhile, Kathy reveals plans to open a gay bar at the former location of The Albert, while Jay reassures Ruby that she doesn't need to worry about Lola.

Later in the week, as the tension comes to a head, Martin orders Kush to stay away from his family.

Also, Whitney is frustrated over Callum's loyalty to Stuart, while Kim is delighted over Kathy's plans to open a gay bar.

The drama continues when Keanu and Keegan try to find out who targeted Chatham and Riley....