The Platt clan set off on holiday, minus Leanne who refuses to go as she believes Nick is lying to her.Audrey, Gail, Nick, Sarah, Bethany, David, Shona, Max, Lily and Harry arrive at their holiday lodge. Gail is convinced Lorraine Kelly is staying at the holiday park and cajoles Sarah and Bethany to chase Lorraine in a pedalo. Will Gail get to meet her idol?

Elsewhere, a dazed Gary wakes up in Rick's office tied to a radiator. Rick accuses Gary of getting Sarah to do his dirty work by breaking into his office and stealing his stash of passports. Gary denies it but Rick is disbelieving. At the same time, Sarah assumes Gary has decided not to come and join them on the holiday after all.

Meanwhile, DS Beckett calls round to question Carla. But on mention of the factory roof, Carla becomes confused and upset and it's clear she thinks Rana is still alive. Peter gives Carla her medication but unbeknown to him, she flushes it away.

Later in the week, Tim heads to the garden with the horse's breakfast, only to discover him missing. Sally is shocked as she surveys the trampled flower beds and flattened fences. Sally is horrified to find Heracles in the conservatory munching on a cushion. Having renamed the horse 'Tiny', Tim and Sally see him off as he's driven back to the stables.

Also, Nick offers David a deal – that he takes the rap for the £80,000 and in return he'll sign over his half of the barber's shop. David is stunned. What will he do?