On Neighbours this week, Finn worries that his memories are returning.

Finn is unnerved when he recognises Harry, who he visits in prison to try to figure out why he remembers who he is. Harry uses the opportunity to blackmail Finn into visiting him regularly, which sparks suspicion from Mark.

Finn opens up to Elly about his fears that his memories will come flooding back, and with Mark wondering what is going on Elly is stressed over all of the secrecy.

She decides it's time to come clean to Mark and tells him everything; he is shocked and horrified to learn that Shaun is the father of her baby and not him. Elly later tells her family the truth.

Tensions also mount between Aaron and David after Finn admits during a check-in session with David that he thinks he's starting to remember things, and David forgets about plans he had made with Aaron.

Also this week, Gary shocks Amy with a surprise wedding and Terese tries to make Roxy see through Vance.