Zak and Lisa are overwhelmed by the reception at their welcome home party. Lisa begins to feel the pressure of telling the family the real reason they're back. When Charity gets upset, Belle grows concerned and Lisa finally reveals she is dying. The shocked Dingles struggle to process the news and Belle is hurt to find out that Charity knew about Lisa's illness before her.

Elsewhere, Lisa confides in Zak about how she is frightened of dying and wonders what will happen when she goes. Zak vows to comfort Lisa, but is heartbroken and struggling to cope. As Zak goes missing, will he return home safely?

Meanwhile, Rhona has an awkward reunion, while Harriet offers her support.

Later in the week, Dawn is shocked and horrified at the lengths Will has gone to, as she finds he has left a box of funeral service leaflets to celebrate Harriet's life.

Also, Pollard is appalled by a revelation, while Harriet's showdown with Will takes a dark turn as he crushes her with a coffin. How far might Will go to seek his revenge on Harriet?