Andy follows Michelle to the polytunnel, and posing as a homeless man, gains her trust, with a sob story. Michelle falls for his lies hook line and sinker. She offers to help him find a house, and will even secure the deposit for him. Andy is delighted his plan is working.

John Joe is concerned by Katy’s erratic behavior. Dee on learning that Katy intends on telling her the truth about Jay, pretends she is going into labor. Mo is suspicious by Peatsaí’s odd behavior. She comes to the conclusion that he is gambling. Her confusion is fuelled even more when she sees him getting into the car with Annette. Is Peatsaí gambling with trouble? Mo is determined to find out! Frances is not happy, when Malachaí casually states that it was his son Rory who bought the chemist building. Malachaí, seeing how disgruntled she is, assures her she got the best price. 

Briain is getting frustrated with how little Evan is helping Berni with Jude. He tries to talk to him, but Evan takes umbrage at being told what to do. Bobbi Lee returns from the fortuneteller’s with huge news. Mo and Colm are shocked when Bobbi Lee tells them Peatsaí and Annette are getting married. Andy, using the alias Gearóid, is reeling Michelle in with his poor mouth. Michelle falling for his lies, scours the papers looking for suitable accommodation for him. She promises to give him the deposit and rent, once he finds somewhere. Andy is delighted with how easy it is to fool Michelle.

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