Mary is incensed to see Freda showing an estate agent into Number 3. With no word still from Norris, she chats to Tracy, who suggests that maybe Freda has done away with him.

Mary dashes to Number 3 where she is horrified to find the urn. As she runs out of the house hysterical with Freda running after her, a car pulls up and Norris gets out.

Meanwhile, Geoff persuades Tim to cancel coming for dinner and prepares a romantic meal for him and Yasmeen. He's angry when Alya is also there and she leaves feeling like she is not wanted.

Elsewhere, when Alya reveals she is booking Ryan for a DJ set at Speed Daal, Geoff is angry and points out that he is also a DJ. To keep the peace, Yasmeen says they can share the set. Alya is having none of it and sends Geoff packing.

Ryan thanks Bethany for getting him the gig and as they flirt, he moves in for a kiss but she recoils. Thinking she isn't interested, Ryan flirts with Alya, who agrees on a date. Bethany confides in Sarah that she does really like Ryan, but is she too late?

Later in the week, Corey meets up with Asha and Amy in Speed Daal, but it's clear he has only got eyes for Amy. Making excuses, Amy heads out leaving Asha and Corey alone, but Corey is quick to follow and Asha is devastated.

Also, Sally reveals she's meeting Paula for dinner in the Bistro, Sophie is put out. Over dinner, Paula asks after Sophie and is disappointed to hear she turned down the offer of joining them.