On Neighbours this week, Finn makes  a big decision that could land him in hot water.

Finn gets new insight into how much he is impacting Susan's life when he finds out that she didn't attend Toadie's fundraiser for the Sonya Foundation because he's still keeping her and Karl at a distance because of him.

He decides to keep doing more good deeds anonymously, but when Karl and Toadie catch Finn attempting to sneak into the foundation's offices, Toadie goes mad, believing Finn must be trying to tarnish it's name.

Toadie's run-in shortly follows another with Bea, so Finn becomes sure that his leaving town is the best solution for everyone, thinking to himself, why would he stay in a community that hates him?

When he takes off, Bea becomes worried that he will breach the terms of his release and she pleads with David not to report him, thinking she can find him and talk him into coming back. Will she mange to get Finn back on time?

Also this week, Elly finds herself in another hole when she has to cover her tracks and tell Mark that she has been finding the pregnancy so stressful that she has turned to drinking. He responds supportively, suggesting she join a support group at the community centre.

Things take a dark turn however when Elly is working after hours at the school and a dark figure shoves her to the ground. Cradling her stomach in pain, she worries that she's about to lose the baby...

Also this week, Kyle and Chloe continue their secret romance.