On Home and Away this week, Colby tells Bella the truth about Ross.

Colby and Willow continue to keep an eye on Dean after a hellish few days detoxing in the motel. Things grow tense between Colby and Willow however when he tells her that he plans to hand himself in for Ross's murder. Colby thinks it will be the best thing to do for all of them but Willow worries that Dean will be dragged into it regardless.

Before he can hand himself in he must tell Bella what happened, but before he tells her, he asks Dean and Willow to look out for her when he's in prison.

When Colby does tell Bella what happened, she struggles to process what he's saying and feels betrayed by him, Dean and Willow, and then she realises that this is the reason Chelsea left. Can Bella get over the lies? Will Colby actually turn himself in?

Elsewhere, as tensions flare between Simone and Maggie at the school, things only get worse when Ben and Maggie stumble across Simone and Brody out for coffee together in the Diner. Brody is adamant that they shouldn't have to hide their relationship.

Later, Ziggy urges Maggie to fire Simone.

Also this week, Jasmine puts her heart on the line and tells Robbo that she still loves him, and John and Marilyn plan their return with Jett.