On Neighbours this week, Terese's wild-child niece Roxy turns up bringing back dark moments from Terese's past.

When Terese's ex-sister-in-law Gemma arrives, she asks Terese if she will take her daughter Roxy in to live with her as she feels with Terese's troubled youth she will be a good influence on helping her daughter to abandon her wild-child ways.

When Roxy arrives she is ready for a party and Terese sees her downing shots with Leo, making Terese unsure about what to do. Terese agrees to let her stay on a trial basis but it's not long before she starts to rub people the wrong way.

Opening up to Imogen, Terese tells her about an boyfriend she had as a teenager who led her down a bad path, but little does Terese know, her ex is Roxy's current boyfriend...

Elsewhere, Mark books Elly in for an ultrasound, but knowing that she is only 6 weeks pregnant she scrambles to find a way to make Mark miss the appointment but when her plan backfires, Mark arrives at the hospital and sees her cancelling the scan. Will she be able to talk her way out of this situation?

Also this week, tensions fly between Paul and Leo when Paul becomes concerned that Leo isn't taking business seriously anymore, and Bea grows suspicious of Finn's behaviour.