On Neighbours this week, Finn tries to build some bridges.

When news spreads that Karl and Susan plan to let Finn live with them if he is not sent to prison, there are a lot of raised eyebrows and everyone has an opinion on it.

Finn decides it could be a good idea to actively try to build some bridges with the residents of Ramsay Street, and offers people some of Karl's home-grown produce. When Susan finds a razor blade in an apricot, however, she has cause for concern.

Meanwhile, Gary and Amy try their hand at playing cupid, pushing Kyle and Chloe together.

Kyle has a lot on his plate though, with Shelia confronting him over his secret regarding Georgia and Amy. Kyle begs Sheila not to show Georgia's letter to Gary.

Elsewhere, Shaun agrees to keep Elly's secret, but his silence comes at a cost. Later in the week, Ned and Elly have a falling out, which causes tension with Bea.