On Neighbours this week, Finn sacrifices himself for Susan in a shocking twist.

With Finn's hearing approaching, tensions are high and friendships are strained, with Bea particularly angry with how much support Susan is giving him. Ned is also angered by Imogen's quest to get him a non-custodial sentence.

Bea goes to visit Finn in the hospital, planning to play him her song Sorry in a bid to make him feel the pain he's having on everyone around him, but when she gets there, a car comes hurtling through the carpark, headed straight for Susan and Imogen.

Finn sees what is about to happen and pushes Susan and Imogen out of harm's way, only to be hit by the car himself. Bea can't believe she has just seen Finn sacrifice himself to help the others…

As Mark investigates the hit and run, he sees anyone who wants to impede Imogen's defence of Finn as a suspect, which includes Gary, Sheila and Ned.

Terese is not happy that defending Finn is putting her daughter in the line of fire, but Imogen is steadfast in her belief that everyone deserves a good defence.

After his act of heroism, everyone has cause to question how they view Finn, with Karl and Bea particularly torn ahead of the hearing.

Meanwhile, Terese is furious to find out that Paul has lied to her yet again, while Paul struggles to live with his difficult relationship with Leo.

Also this week, Shaun confronts Elly and Kyle tries to get through his heartbreak.