On Neighbours this week, Leo infuriates Piper and Terese with his relationship revelation.

Leo asks Piper to think about coming clean about their secret relationship, and she agrees to think about it, but when he has to publicly apologise to Vera, he is left humiliated and ends up blurting everything out later on in front of Piper, Terese, Paul and Vera.

Piper is not best pleased and she starts to question whether she wants to continue seeing him or not. Terese is stunned and horrified by the news, feeling like it's a personal vendetta against her and she gives both Piper and Leo a piece of her mind.

Paul is a voice of reason in the whole thing, urging Terese not to push Leo and Piper away, but she finds it hard to listen as she is so overcome.

Meanwhile, Paul has his work cut out for him as he tries to convince Amy to stay on at Robinson Pines and refuses to accept her resignation, which leaves her pretty annoyed.

Paul is convinced that Gary is the only reason Amy wants to leave her job, and when he overhears a conversation between Gary and Sheila he is certain that it's only a matter of time before Gary messes things up himself.

Also this week, Susan can't get Finn telling her that he forgives her out of her mind and she struggles with wondering whether she should extend him the same gesture, or if she even can. On the other hand, Karl is adamant that Finn should still pay for his crimes, even if he doesn't remember them.

Karl decides that the best thing they can do is either prove Finn's amnesia is a hoax, or to work on bringing his memory back so he can face the consequences.