On Home and Away this week, when Colby and Dean learn that Chelsea, Willow and Bella have been kidnapped, they are lured into a trap by Ross.

Ross drives Chelsea, Willow and Bella into the bush, and he reveals to them that he plans to use them to get to Colby. When Colby calls Chelsea he is shocked to hear Ross' voice on the other end of the phone. During the call, Ross instructs Colby to meet him at a remote location and warns that if he involves the police, he will never see any of the girls again.

In the bush, Willow tries to give the other two a chance at running away by attacking Ross, but it backfires on her and she ends up knocked out and tied up. He then takes the other two further into the middle of nowhere.

When Colby and Dean arrive and find Willow, Dean stays with her while Colby sets off to find the others. He encounters Chelsea tied up on one side of a clearing, with Bella on the other. Ross tells Colby that he must choose who he gets to save, but he can't save them both...

Faced  with an impossible decision, Colby makes a run at Ross, who aims his gun at him, but the shot goes wide... And hits someone else.

Dean and Colby set off in chase of Ross and things quickly escalate and become more dangerous. One of the three doesn't make it out alive.

Elsewhere, Robbo and Jasmine celebrate their proposal and word spreads around the Bay. When they run into Tori, they tell her the happy news, which stops her in her tracks from telling them that she is pregnant.

Tori goes to Leah, explaining why she couldn't ruin Robbo's day, vowing to instead revisit the conversation when she is three months pregnant as she feels she will have a better idea by the end of her first trimester if the baby will survive.