On Neighbours this week, Leo is sent into a downward spiral after Terese refuses his proposal.

Leo is shaken when Terese turns down his proposal, but convinces her to give things another try. Terese is still rocked by her feeling for Paul and how torn she is between them both, but decides to stay with Leo... That is, until she has a moment with Paul and can't ignore the sexual tension between them.

Leo's happiness is short-lived however when Terese tells him that she doesn't think things are right between them, and she finishes things with him once and for all, leaving him devastated.

Paul comforts Leo, and Terese leans on Piper for support, but it's not long before she comes face to face with Paul and Leo in The Waterhole.

Leo pleads with her to take him back, and Paul demands an explanation as to what is going on in her head. When they're alone, Paul is conflicted by his joy at hearing how Terese feels towards him, and his loyalty to Leo. Who will he choose?

Meanwhile, Toadie decides to keep Sonya's illness a secret for as long as possible, saying he can deal with Andrew and her lawyers himself, but Sonya thinks they need to be honest from the get go in case it has negative repercussions for them down the line.

Sonya decides to meet with Andrea, and demands that she sign over custody of Hugo to Toadie and tells her about her cancer diagnosis. But will her gamble pay off?

Also this week, Chloe decides to embark on a relationship with Mel and overcome her commitment issues in the process. When she tells her family that they're a couple, she makes it official and Aaron and Mark are happy for her, but Elly isn't so sure.