On Home and Away this week, Dean and Colby shock Chelsea with their plans for Bella.

Chelsea is relieved when she learns that Bella has been found, and that she's safe, but when she finds out that Dean and Colby have been keeping her against her will, she is horrified.

What's more is, Dean and Colby enlisted Willow in keeping their secret too and helping them by bringing supplies to the hideout where they were keeping Bella.

Chelsea is both disappointed in Colby for making his friends accessories in Bella's kidnapping and for how his actions could compromise their entire investigation, and in the heat of the moment she tells him they're over. Even though Chelsea isn't willing to stand by him, Dean and Willow remain loyal, but will their loyalty come back to bite them?

Elsewhere, Robbo tells Tori that he doesn't want to go ahead with the next round of IVF as he's too hurt from their miscarriage. Tori is reluctant to give up hope that he will change his mind, and goes to Jasmine to try to gauge the likelihood of Robbo deciding to give it another shot, but Jasmine dashes her hopes further.

Desperate to try again, Tori makes a shocking decision...

Also this week, Raffy struggles with the pressures of her Year 12 assignment and she is terrified that her epilepsy will hamper her chances of meeting her deadline. Ryder manages to change her outlook however and helps her to move on with her work.

Later in the week, sparks fly between Raffy and Ryder – is it time that things became official between them?