On Neighbours this week, Terese is torn between her feelings for Paul and Leo.

As Leo tries to convince her to take him back, Terese has a whole new perspective since the shooting and doesn't know what to do about the feelings she still has for Paul.

Leo pulls out the stops and buys her some very thoughtful presents, which make her realise how much there actually is between them, and admits that she wasn't perfect during their relationship either, and that they should give it another go.

When Piper hears about their reconciliation, she worries that Terese is rushing into things, remembering how she called out for Paul and confessed her love for him while in hospital, but Terese tells her that it didn't mean anything.

Piper witnesses a meeting between Terese, Leo and Paul and is convinced she can see a spark between Terese and Paul.

Elsewhere, Sheila's suspicions are raised around Gary and Dipi, and they add fuel to her fire when they both lie about where they were the night before, when she knows well that they aren't being honest with her.

When Sheila finds out that Dipi also lied to Shane about where she stayed, and sees Dipi messaging Gary, she is certain in her mind that something is going on.

Also this week, David's dog Reggie goes missing and a neighbourhood search ensues. When they find Reggie he's with Mrs Punt, who refuses to hand him over, claiming he's her dog.

David unleashes all of his pent-up stress on her, threatening to take her to court over it, but Aaron tries to appeal to David's kinder side, saying Mrs Punt only wants Reggie because she's so lonely. Will he let Reggie go?