On Home and Away this week, Jasmine delivers some big news to Robbo and Tori.

Jasmine looks after Tori while she's in hospital with continued spotting and dizziness, and Robbo is a ball of stress as he doesn't feel like enough is being done to help her. As they await blood test results, Robbo grows even more impatient when the specialist is delayed and they still don't know what's happening.

Robbo goes to Jasmine to look into Tori's file, and she reports back with some big news for the pair – an embryo has embedded itself and they're set to become parents.

With Tori and Robbo over the moon, Jasmine is happy for them but can't help but feel awkward in this situation. Robbo busies himself trying to make sure both Tori and Jasmine are ok and looked after, but it's only when he's alone that his ecstatic state turns to painful flashbacks to his late son and daughter, which leads him to some iffy behaviour.

Meanwhile, Maggie struggles to keep the fallout from Raffy's fight in school minimal, with Abbi's father lodging a formal complaint. Even though Abbi provoked Raffy, there's a zero tolerance policy for violence, so there isn't a whole lot Maggie can do.

Despite being unable to remember the sequence of events fully, Raffy believes that she should be punished for what happened.

Also this week, Chelsea pushes Dean to tell Colby the truth, Willow tells Justin she needs space and the fundraiser takes place.