Stacey worries about Hayley, who later makes a big decision about her future. Meanwhile, Stuart finds himself in an impossible situation.

Elsewhere, Alfie's lies catch up with him and his problems get worse when Ian pulls his investment. Desperate for cash, he seeks out Phil at The Arches and becomes intrigued when he spots Keanu hiding a wad of cash for Phil. Later, Alfie makes an offer to Phil and is delighted to finally have the cash he needs. However, Alfie's good fortune doesn't last for long and he sends a text to Kat, revealing that he's in trouble.

Meanwhile, when Keegan gets a reminder of Shakil, he decides that drugs might be able to help ease the pain but needs money to buy them. Soon afterwards, Phil asks Keegan to give Keanu and Louise his blessing. Keegan agrees, but only if Phil pays him.

Later in the week, Louise apologises to Keanu for Phil's attempt to meddle. Later, Louise has a surprising heart-to-heart with Bernadette and snubs Keanu when he tries to let her down gently.

Also, Denise confides in Patrick about how she's lost her job, while Sonia issues a warning to Stuart to stay away.