Liz tells Amy that she needs to chat to her parents and brings her home. Tracy remains somewhat calm but Steve loses it and storms into the corner of the shop and accuses Aadi of getting Amy pregnant. Amy is upset to discover that the whole school will be talking about her. When Steve demands to know who the dad is, will Amy give his name?

Elsewhere, over lunch in the Bistro, Roy and Carla reminisce about Hayley but they’re interrupted by Shona, who tells Roy that Sylvia’s been taken seriously ill.

Meanwhile, Abi is aceing her interview, but when the interviewer asks Abi about the gaps in her CV, she becomes flustered and claims she was travelling in Botswana, leading to some very tricky questions.

Later in the week, when Tyrone finds out that Evelyn failed to show up for bingo and forgot to collect Ruby from school, he’s quietly concerned. Tyrone suggests she should see a doctor as he’s worried about her memory, but Evelyn refuses.

Also, Leanne interrogates Simon over Amy’s pregnancy. Simon assures her that it’s nothing to do with him. As Amy refuses to reveal who the daddy is, Tracy points the finger at Simon. Leanne leaps to his defence and while the woman trade insults, Amy rushes off in tears.