This week on Emmerdale, Charity arrives at Butler's Farm to confront Cain over his recent brutish behaviour.

She is shocked at the state of the house and demands answers from him. Charity thinks shes making progress until Cain kisses her. 

She is appalled and fights him off - which Matty captures on video. Charity worries there's more trouble on the horizon.

Moira returns to the farm - how will she react when she finds out Cain tried to kiss Charity?

How will Moira react when she finds out Cain tried to kiss Charity?

Aaron is shocked when a suffering Moira reveals that Cain lost his temper and threw himself at Charity. Aaron thinks they'll be able to work it out, but Moira knows she has a big decision to make.

Later, when Debbie finds out what happened, Faith comforts her. Faith is floored when Debbie reveals Cain killed Joe and Faith accidentally spills the beans to Matty.

Matty confronts Cain but reluctantly agrees to keep the secret. 

The police arrive to question Joe, but when Cain refuses to cooperate, they arrest him for Joe's murder.

Elsewhere, Diane ushers Bob out of the B&B unwittingly takes his bag of food so he's left with nothing. With not enough money to pay for accommodation, Bob offers to close up the pub and settles down for a night in the Woolpack cellar.