Evie demands Tiffany to find a replacement for Rat. There's even more drama ahead for Tiffany when Bernadette drops a bombshell on her, but Tiffany expresses her disapproval at her friend for getting involved in the drugs ordeal in the first place.

Elsewhere, Mick attempts to lift the team, but Mitch advises managing their expectations since they have no chance at taking home the prize . Billy also recommends that Will puts himself forward to join the team.

As the mini-bus can't be found, Mick gets everyone in the one room to hold a match on the Square instead but one of the mums – Megan – isn't a fan of his plan.

Later in the week, Dot pulls Stuart up about stealing Doctor Legg's photo and throws him out. 

However, Dot could still be persuaded by Stuart when she returns home and finds him pretending to look for the snap.

Also, Keanu prepares for another hard driving lesson with Louise.