When a visibly upset Debbie admits to Cain that she can never get over Joe, Cain finally reveals that he killed him. As Debbie rushes out, a devastated Cain realises everything has changed for them.

Elsewhere, Graham is stunned when Debbie says Joe is dead and he raises suspicions. But how will Debbie feel when she realises Graham was involved too?

Meanwhile, Maya is disgusted to realise Jacob has sent her another picture and she has left her phone in the shop. Later, Priya is left with a few questions when a panicked Maya takes her phone away from Amba in front of David.

Later in the week, Sam is satisfied with himself as he presents Belle and Lydia with their surprise – a piglet called Spamela Hamderson.

Also, Chas is in a giving mood, while Debbie offers an unlikely bargain.