On Neighbours this week, Xanthe has a big decision to make about her future.

Having learned about Gary's hard work at getting her university fees together, Xanthe can't help but feel guilty accepting his help. She decides that applying to Eden Hills instead of taking her place in Toowoomba is the right course of action, but Sheila isn't going to let her throw away the opportunity so easily.

Sheila enlists Ben's help to talk Xanthe around, but a passionate speech from Gary is the push she needs, and she decides it's time to follow her dreams and say her goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Gary tries to make amends with Dipi by calling around to the house with a dessert peace offering, but when Shane catches him there, he loses the plot and escorts Gary off his property. Having seen Gary shoved onto the road, Amy takes him in and patches up his grazes.

This gives Gary hope that there might still be a chance for them... but can they get over how he broke her trust?

Also this week, Fay arrives for a visit and Chloe dreads having to tell her about her diagnosis, and Susan seeks out Finn's brother.