On Home and Away this week, Raffy spirals after having a seizure on the beach.

When she wakes up from having a seizure on the beach, Raffy has no recollection of what happened, or what led her to collapse.

Ziggy finds Raffy's phone and turns off the live-stream that has broadcast the whole incident, and is shocked by the mean comments that have flooded in from people who viewed the stream. Brody has to explain to Raffy what has happened so he can take the video down, but this only adds to her trauma when she realises this means that people have seen her have her seizure, and wet herself.

Feeling humiliated and shaken, Raffy withdraws from everyone; she just wants to be at home alone with her family.

Later, Brody tries to make her see that ignoring her online trolls is the only way she can move on from what happened, but the bullying doesn't stop and Brody worries he won't be able to help her.

Meanwhile, Tori and Robbo find out that they have seven fertilised eggs, but Robbo worries that there were 15 eggs to begin with and that they could still end up with no baby. When Tori gets more news about other embryos that haven't survived, she can't help but worry too.

Elsewhere, in a bid to keep Justin happy, Willow tries to cut Dean out of her life, but it doesn't prove easy. Dean confronts her about letting Justin have a say in who she is friends with, but will she remain determined to keep her relationship on track, even if it means turning her back on Dean?

Also this week, Mason reaches breaking point, and Ben and Maggie work together to plan a fundraiser.