Tiffany creeps out of the Taylor flat after staying with Bernadette. She spots Evie at the cafe, but grows uncomfortable with her flirtatious advances. Tiffany also disagrees when Evie accuses her of stringing Bernadette on.

Later, Karen gives Bernadette a makeover. Out on the street shortly afterwards, Bernadette spots Tiffany with Evie and is devastated when Evie deliberately kisses Tiffany in front of her.

Meanwhile, Mitch returns to the Square to sort Karen's bathroom, he has a girl called Bailey in his van with him. Craig tries to break into the van, but Bailey hits him. Later on, Bailey accidentally smashes one of the pub's windows with a football. When Mick overreacts, Mitch jumps in to defend Bailey and reveals that she's his friend's daughter.

Later in the week, Rainie is still heartbroken over Max's lack of faith in her and throws her birthday present for baby Abi away. Jack takes it out of the bin and shows it to Max – it's a photo album full of pictures of Abi's mum. Max is given food for thought and realises that he can trust Rainie with Abi after all.

Also, Jack is pleased when Max books Rainie a doctor's appointment, showing that he's finally starting to look after her.