Imran summons Duncan to his office, while Gina and Kirk head off to Duncan’s address. Tim spots Duncan at the solicitors and insists he’s going to follow him home. Gina breaks into Duncan’s flat, while Imran becomes suspicious about Duncan’s wife.

When Duncan returns home, Gina hides under the bed. At the same time, when Abi is released from prison, Marcia makes threats to Sally.

Elsewhere, Chesney doesn't tell Emma the truth about why he missed the picnic. Later, Paul spots Chesney talking to Carla, so he threatens Gemma that he’ll reveal her past to Rita if she or Chesney give him any more grief.

Meanwhile, Tim makes a statement to the police about what Gina found out. At the same time, Marcia is Sally’s new cell mate and she’s dealing drugs. A prison officer searches their cell for drugs and Marcia beats up Sally, convinced she dobbed her in.

Later in the week, despite Cathy’s protestations, Brian insists his teaching days are over and he’ll find a new career.

Also, Paul joins Billy in the cafe and flirts with him outrageously.