Daz is riddled with guilt as the villagers talk about the hit and run.  He is desperate to escape and secretly looks into booking flights out of the country.

However, when trying to leave by bus to the airport, he spots that Kerry has collapsed in the road.

Elsewhere, after seeing Dawn soliciting in a car park, Pete takes her back to the village and offers to let her stay for a while.

Dawn gets the wrong end of the stick and tries to kiss him. As Pete tries to process what has happened, Dawn threatens to tell Rhona that he made a move on her unless he lets her stay.

Meanwhile, Jessie receives some news, while an anxious Debbie makes preparations.

Later in the week, Dawn shoves Rhona and makes her escape, mortified by what's happened. 

Also, Debbie's trial begins and she fears she'll soon be separated from her kids.