The police provide Sally with copies of her bank account and want to know why Duncan deposited a large sum of money. Sally asks Tim, who admits the cash was not a bonus from Streetcars and he thought it was a bank mistake.

Sally is livid and tells Tim that he has made her look guilty and that Duncan is claiming she and him were having an affair.

Elsewhere, Peter overhears Carla chatting about purchasing the factory. Peter has a plan and tells Alya that he is Carla's investor and she will have the funds shortly. How will Carla react?

Meanwhile, Saira agrees to allow Rana visit her father, but as Saira tells Hassan that Rana has seen the "error of her ways", he has an emotional moment with his daughter and passes away.

Also, Leanne asks Imran about the PA vacancy at the solicitors and they click straight away, while Peter breaks the news to Carla that he wants to work at the factory full-time.