When Kat returns to Walford, she disagrees with her family's decision to keep Charlie's cab and suggests a vote to settle the matter.

Kat points out that they could sell the cab and use the money to pay Jean back, allowing her to return home to Ollie. However, Jean herself has the deciding vote and Kat realises she's apprehensive about going home. Jean is hiding something, but what?

Elsewhere,  Sonia is forced to hide her disappointment when Martin announces that he's moving back in with Stacey. A problem also crops up when Bex hears this big news second-hand from Hayley, who also reveals that Martin spent the night at Stacey's.

Meanwhile, Tiffany feigns interest in chess just to spend time with Bernadette. Tiffany tells Bernadette that she knows Bernadette has been off with her because she fancies her. This doesn't go down well with a humiliated Bernadette.

Later in the week, Jack interrupts a heart-to-heart between Ian and Mel about Lucy. Afterwards, Ian is more determined than ever to make Mel his partner again.