When Susan discovers what Izzy is up to, she is left horrified by Karl's reaction.

Izzy admits to Karl this week that she wants another baby and for him to be the father. When Susan discovers what she is up to, she is less than impressed to learn that Karl is actually considering getting involved.

The proposal drives a wedge between Karl and Susan and is only made worse when Izzy goes to Karl about her donation to the hospital.

In a bid to have her plan realised, Izzy makes it very clear to him that her donation is completely conditional on her terms being met.

Meanwhile, Paige tries to get Piper and Therese back on speaking terms, but both have a spot of bad luck as Piper's car breaks down and Therese has a few too many drinks and ends up in the pond.

Mark decides to end things with Paige once and for all, but later in the week she makes a bid to resume things with Jack, impressed by the commitment he shows on Gabe's naming day.

In prison, Tyler listens to Ben pushing him to ask for a transfer and bids farewell to his brothers as he sets off for a new jail in Adelaide.