Dean is hopeful about his street food idea when Ray says he’s found him a cart. Dean ponders how to raise money for the refit. Leo suggests Dean ask Paul for a loan. Dean is deflated when Paul agrees to Dean’s plea for financial help on the grounds that he gets a 50% share in the business. Dean is thrown by Paul’s counter offer that Oisín help run the business.

Elsewhere, a preoccupied Jim annoys Miriam with his gruffness, oblivious to who she is. Jim apologises to Miriam and is horrified when he learns who she is. Renee’s good words about Miriam make Jim question his agreement with Oakley. Jim questions Claire, realising she is also in thrall to Oakley. Jim is hopeful as Claire appears to consider double-crossing Oakley.

Meanwhile, Karen warns Aoife not to contact her and tells Carol that Aoife only came back for Robbie. Robbie compares Carol to Trigger as she uses Jack to hurt him. Carol works to get Karen onside by confirming Robbie and Aoife’s relationship. Aoife realises Carol is using Karen when Karen turns up to collect Jack’s bag. Aoife realises she forgot her late husband’s birthday causing Karen’s anger.

Later in the week , Dean and Oisín worry when the generator for the van breaks. Dean worries the van won’t be ready for inspection.