Harmony’s curiosity is piqued by Paul’s flirtation with Hayley. Hayley questions Harmony’s lack of business skills. Harmony is contemplative when Oisín discloses Paul and Hayley’s affair to her. Hayley is unnerved when a worried Harmony says she knows about the affair and offers her support. Hayley tells Paul that Harmony knows about their affair and presses him to keep Oisín away. Harmony is upset when Hayley tries to use failing college against her.

Elsewhere, Robbie is frustrated when Carol refuses to let him take Jack to school. Robbie feels the strain as Carol continues to make Aoife uncomfortable.

Later in the week, Eoghan is shocked when Emmet reveals Oakley has been threatening him. Oakley blackmails McSweeney when she suggests he plead insanity. Debbie is worried that Emmet and Miriam are only provoking Oakley. McSweeney is left uneasy when Oakley promises he won’t serve a day of his sentence. The O’Brien’s are shocked to hear Oakley has tried to kill himself.

Also, Karen confides in Cristiano about staying over in Kevin’s.