Damien's hope for a peaceful Christmas ends in disaster. Paul looks forward to a Christmas reunion. Carol decides to end her jealousy as Aoife makes a move on Robbie. Kerri-Ann hides her fears as Decco discovers her secret. Oakley takes revenge on Miriam. Bob's perfect Christmas with Renee looks likely to hit a speed bump.

Elsewhere, with Paul still reeling from Niamh’s departure, Wayne and Orla rally round in support. A guilty Kerri-Ann struggles to match Decco’s enthusiasm as they go for an ultrasound. Dan finds solace in the group but Pete and Tommy join forces to take it and Miriam down.

Meanwhile, Wayne suspects Paul and Hayley of having an affair. Miriam considers severing ties with the group for the good of its members. Dan, coaxed by Oakley, pledges to support Miriam and the group. Mondo accuses Kerri-Ann of lying to him

Later in the week, a stressed Kerri-Ann hides the positive pregnancy test from Decco. Secretly she checks her diary, confirming her fears that Mondo is the father.

While everyone is enjoying the Christmas cheer Kerri-Ann struggles against the panic. Later Decco finds the pregnancy test and reveals the news to everyone at the party, much to Kerri-Ann’s horror. While everyone celebrates the good news Juliet is quick to realise that Mondo might be the father.