This week on Fair City, Emmet and Dr Oakley's relaunch of the Phoenix Way doesn't exactly go according to plan when an unwelcome visitor turns up.

Miriam interrupts the launch of the centre leaving Hannah upset and unsettled. 

Elsewhere, Orla and Wayne are pleased when Damien admits that he's ready to move on. Wayne notices that Mia, Hayley's cousin, and Damien have chemistry and decides to set them up. Mia is flattered by Damien's interest, but later an unconvinced Orla unwittingly deflates Damien over the date.

Miriam threatens to derail the launch of the Phoenix Way

Meanwhile, Kerri-Ann struggles with her feelings for Mondo. She opens up to him about her true feelings but he urges her to be sure about what she's saying.

Later, Kerri-Ann challenges Mondo on his feelings. He ends up giving into the passion and they end up getting together. However, they are interrupted by Juliet and they are forced to hide.

Mondo is put on the spot when Juliet starts to join the dots..

And Doug tries to talk some sense to Hannah and is surprised when she tells him some home truths...