This week on EastEnders, Phil finds out from Ritchie that Luke is definitely Willmott Brown's son and visits Kathy to tell her the news.

Kathy begs Phil not to tell Ben that James raped her. Phil meets up with Luke to warn him off but Luke tells Ben about Phil's threats. Not wanting Ben to fall out with his father, Kathy tells him that Willmott raped her.

Ben is in shock after Kathy's revelation and storms out of the house. Ben confronts Luke over whether he  knew what happened to his mum and Luke tells him that Willmot wants to see him.

Later, Kathy prepares to do a runner from Walford after the upsetting recent events. Determined to make her stay, Ian drags Ben over to the house to speak to her.

Elsewhere, Mick and the Carters break the news to The Vic regulars that they can't afford the cost of renovations and have to hand the pub back to the freeholders. The locals vow to raise the money to save the Queen Vic.

And Louise is worried about Bex. When Louise questions Bex about what happened with Gethin, Bex blurts out the whole story. Louise is shocked to hear how much Bex liked Gethin. Louise knows that Shakil is keen on Bex and decides to play matchmaker - will her plan work out?