On Home and Away this week, things are looking up for Brody when a new job opportunity comes his way, but a trip to the cabin ends in disaster for some residents of Summer Bay.

After taking over barbecue duties at the fundraiser, Brody earned himself two new fans in Marilyn and Irene, who offer him a job in the diner off the back of his impressive display.

Having overstepped the mark in relation to Beth's transplant, Mason's placement at the hospital is terminated, and things are just getting harder for Beth when a trip to the beach turns worrisome. Struggling to breathe, Beth is rushed back to hospital.

Elsewhere, Robbo, Kat, Justin and Scarlett go to the cabin, completely unaware to the fact that they are being watched, and it's not long before things turn sinister, with Scarlett becoming seriously injured, and Kat going missing.

Later in the week, Ash and VJ try to make a plan with how to deal with Mick, not knowing that Irene has put him up in a motel, and Coco begs Ziggy to come home.