This week on Emmerdale, when Lawrence hears that Rebecca is worried that her newborn son's father is about to move out of the village, he offers Robert a stake in Home Farm to tempt him to stick around.

Lachlan, who knows that Robert has long been conning his loved ones, is furious.

Elsewhere, Moira is still reeling from the unexpected arrival of a son, after being completely unaware she was pregnant with her ex-husband's child.

Left alone at home with the baby, Moira sinks into a pit of despair. Faith is worried about her and brings Cain up to Home Farm to try and help plan Isaac's christening. Later, when Faith and Cain leave, Moira stares down at her baby and feels no attachment to him.

Moira struggles with newborn son Isaac in Emmerdale

Meanwhile, Aaron bumps into his ex Robert who is about and about with his son Seb. Robert is stung at the sight of Aaron and still deeply regrets having slept with Rebecca while Aaron was in prison.

Rhona's feelings for Paddy grow and she is hurt to overhear Paddy and Chas talking about their relationship. She is further upset to see them kissing.