Victoria is shocked when Adam reveals that he found Emma's suicide note in his car, but he refuses to tell the police.Soon afterwards, the police arrive and arrest Adam for Emma's murder, but he continues to deny Emma was in his car.

Later, Ross relays to Pete his earlier conversation with Adam. Pete grows suspicious of Ross, wondering when he found out about their mother's murder, but Ross insists he found out at the same time as Pete.

Elsewhere, Rodney tries to ask out Faith, who's been stood up by Pollard, but she knocks him back and leaves him humiliated.

Meanwhile, Kath turns up at Home Farm to talk with Robert in private. Later, Robert reveals that Kath has offered him a job away, leaving Lachlan delighted and Lawrence uneasy. Robert implies he'll take the job, leaving Lawrence devastated.

Later in the week, Nicola tries to tempt Bernice after the incident with Mrs Dumphreys.