On Home and Away this week, Ash takes drastic action to stop Mick, while agreeing to take things slowly with Tori.

Ash and Tori decide to take things one step at a time in their relationship, but things get heavy when Ash finds out that Mick is trying to get into contact with Irene.

Furious at Mick for trying to get through to Irene, Ash takes matters into his own hands, leading him to have to apologise to Tori for overreacting. Meanwhile, Irene refuses to help Mick.

Jeopardising his career, Mason decides to put Beth before everything else. When a car crash victim is brought to the hospital, he is hopeful that they might be a match for Beth and that she will be able to have her heart transplant, but it doesn't go that smoothly.

Elsewhere, Coco collapses in her garden, her problems coming to a head, and Caleb and Scarlett take a trip down memory lane.