Fia has begun her journey to recovery and is astounded when she stumbles across an opportunity that could help her get back on her feet. Could this motivate Fia to change for the better or will she give in to temptation, spiralling out of control yet again?

The undeniable chemistry between Tadhg and Maggie is intensifying and both of them are feeling the pressure to hold things back for the sake of Tadhg’s family. But the minute Frances is gone; it’s a whole different ball game. Will things get hot and heavy at the wrong time and leave Frances and Áine in total shock? Dee is feeling isolated with having no one to hang out with. Her isolation is felt even further, when her own sister fails to inform her of a big event. Can Dee overcome her emotions?

Maggie is certainly beginning to feel the pressure of holding onto Tadhg, she left him once and she is definitely not willing to repeat history all over again. Will this sudden force of friendship with Frances spark suspicion or will it work to Maggie’s advantage?

Things are looking positive for Briain and Berni’s working relationship. In the heat of the moment Briain changes the tune of their conversation from innocent to lustful. The question being, how will Berni respond to this bold statement?

Gráinne is no longer allowing herself to wallow in her own self-pity, and by doing so is focusing on the positives. This is a lot easier said than done, especially when bearing her own child is the only thing that can bring upon her real happiness again. How long will Gráinne be able to shy away from the truth?