On Neighbours this week, Gary finds himself in an awkward situation, leaving him in the bad books with Terese, and the community band together in the fall out of the explosion.

After the explosion, the community comes together to save Diwali, with Courtney insisting on taking charge on the Liveability tour. As the week goes on, Leo grows more suspicious of her.

Hamish's plots are having their desired effect as a wedge is driven between Piper and Tyler, and T-Bone's return to Erinsborough ruins a romantic birthday brunch Tyler organised for her.

Gary finds himself in hot water when he meets Elly and her friend Caro, who is brazen in propositioning him, leaving Gary with the task of assuring Terese that nothing happened.

Elsewhere, Sonya is discharged from the hospital, and just as Steph is about to give up on the wellness centre, she gets a big cheque from an anonymous donor.