Summer is emotional as it approaches her dad's birthday. When the coast is clear, Summer steals a questionable-looking cigarette that Simon found in the school changing rooms. However, her attempt to fit in soon turns into a disaster.

Elsewhere, Peter arrives at the flower shop flat and tells Billy that it was Simon who gave Summer the cigarette, but it was simply a prank which backfired. Billy is furious and flies at Peter, punching him to the ground.

Meanwhile, Chesney struggles to cope after some devastating news from Owen in Portugal. As a result, Sinead looks at Chesney differently and is touched by his dedication to his son Joseph.

Later in the week, Simon tells Peter and Toyah how he has reported Billy's attack to social services. A shocked Peter is quick to point out that Simon may have just ruined Summer's chances of adoption.

Also, Mary has asked for one last trip out with George, but she fails to return. Angie is worried that they'll miss their flight, but Jude does his best to make her relax.