Justin tries his best to fix things with Scarlett and when he finds himself in trouble later in the week, Scarlett comes to his rescue – can things go back to normal for them? Meanwhile, Kat and Robbo are on the hunt for the house he used to live in.

Returning home, Mason isn't in the right head space to forgive Brody, and he makes that very clear. While things are in a bad place with Brody, Mason finds himself bonding with Beth, only to discover she is also a patient, which complicates things.

Meanwhile, Brody has a close call when Ziggy's parents almost catch them together and Ash goes to Justin for advice when the story of his encounter with Tori starts running through the gossip mill.

Elsewhere, Maggie discovers that Nick Dutton was behind the heritage listing and Roo is reprimanded about Raffy.