This week on Hollyoaks, Darcy is panicked when she misplaces her confession letter about killing Tracey. Jesse turns up carrying documents with the note nestled between them, will Darcy spot it?

Later, the day of Tracey's funeral arrives but Jesse decides to stay at home and take care of Courtney who is unwell. However, he later goes to the wake but is soon regretting it when things become heated between him and his brother Adam.

Courtney later takes a turn for the worst and is struggling to breathe, but she can't get to a phone to call for help. Will someone come to her rescue in time?

Meanwhile, Darcy is confronted by mystery man Glenn who knows she was to blame for Tracey's death. There's more shock in store when Adam and Jesse arrive on the scene and their relationship to Glenn is revealed...

And an emotional Damon comes face to face with Maggie and Scott and lashes out. He ends up getting drunk and makes his way to a rooftop where he teeters on the edge with a drink in hand. Can Brody talk him down?